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Health Hunters

In Gamificación on mayo 5, 2013 at 10:05 am


Mi primer proyecto de gamificación, como trabajo dentro del curso de la Universidad de Pennsylvania (vía Coursera).

La idea es ahorrar dinero en los gastos sanitarios de una ciudad estadounidense, centrando el problema en la obesidad de los funcionarios y con un objetivo bastante humilde que puede suponer un ahorro brutal en el presupuesto. La gamificación se propone porque sabemos que puede servir en problemas de tareas que requieran mucha motivación para llevarse a cabo, y con ella pretendemos cubrir tanto la motivación extrínseca como la intrínseca. Aquí dejo el ejercicio: (en inglés, en algún momento lo traduciré)


Our goal is to reduce the annual city health costs, targeting the obesity problem among our public employees. So, this is an internal gamification project. We know there are gamification systems built to promote healthy lifestyles, so it’s a good idea to imitate their strategies.

Let’s have a look on Fitocracy. It has all the PBL elements, but it also allows on a certain degree of autonomy and appeals to something that is good for your health. Maybe it won’t work as an intrisic motivator, but it aims at least to an integration extrinsic motivation. And it’s efficient! Why not taking these ideas into our own system?

So, here it goes: our gamification system will be called HEALTH HUNTERS and it will be featured in the employee-only part of the city government website. We know that if the project turns successful we’ll be saving millions of dollars in the city budget, and we can also use this in our advantage. Why not imitate the Free Rice strategy? Free Rice is a web-based vocabulary game that donates 10 grains of rice for each correct answer. It appeals to something bigger than us, to helping others; and this turns to be an intrinsic motivator.

What will we find on HEALTH HUNTERS?

– A significant PBL system, like in Fitocracy. Our employees will receive points and badges based on the exercise, and there will be also a leaderboard. With these, we try to cover the status motivation.

– Multiple choice. Our employees can choose between a series of quests, all of them related to exercise. Harder quests will be rewarded with more points than easier ones.

– Social responsability. Each point will turn in a cent that the city government will donate to a charity at the end of the year. There will be a poll in the website to let the employees choose the charity they like the most. Again, there are meaningful choices and the possibility to help in something bigger than the employee’s fitness.

With this program, extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are covered, and it also has a catchy name!



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