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In Gamificación on mayo 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm


Mi último proyecto en el curso de gamificación que ofrece la Universidad de Pennsylvania en Coursera. Meten mucha caña, pero merece la pena, se aprende muchísimo.

En este caso el objetivo ahora es elaborar un plan completo de gamificación para ShareAll, una compañía de “Collaborative Consumption“. ¿Qué es eso? Una idea que va asentándose, que consiste en pagar a otra persona por usar un bien suyo en vez de poseerlo. Por ejemplo, alojamiento vacacional en la casa de la persona, su coche…Dentro del ejercicio hay que definir si es necesario, la población a la que va destinada y cómo se va a hacer.

De nuevo, está sólo en inglés, pero es que es un tochazo y no me ha dado tiempo a traducirlo aún. Espero que a los fans de la gamificación os guste.


The objective is simple: even if ShareAll is interested in sustainability, it is a for-profit company. So, it is a business approach, with profit in mind.

First of all, it is important to ask ourselves: why gamify? Does gamification help in the business scheme? It does. It us useful to make boring activities more interesting, and it promotes sharing with another people. So let’s gamify.

Business objective: As it was said, the objective is increasing the profit for ShareAll. The main idea is to increase the website traffic and the amount of Shares uses.

Target behaviors: With the gamification system we aim to make the user stay more time on each visit, share more on the social networks and trade more Shares. The system will provide success metrics for time stayed, times shared and Shares traded. The objective is to have a high level of visitors returning daily to the website.

Players: The players of our game are mostly socializers, according to the Bartle MMO scheme. Collaborative Consumption is about sharing, about being part of a comunity. Our players are going to meet new people, interact and exchange resources. With this in mind, it is important for the system to be more cooperative than competitive, to make people enjoy their stay on the website and give the opportunity to share.

Activity Loops: The rewards will use the PBL scheme. Points may be awarded for: sharing an activity on the social networks, reviewing some product, pages visited inside the website, Shares traded or getting a friend to sign up. The player can spend the points to buy “virtual goods” for his avatar, like a Sim minigame, i.e. a house, clothing, a car… There will be also leveling up after collecting a certain number of points, each level permiting more space to buy things for the avatar.The leaderboard will show the three players above and below your position, not just the leader as it will demotivate some players. And the badges will be funny images, related to preferred activities (i.e. “Carpooler”, “SuperHost”), time spent on the website, number of reviews, items bought for the avatar…A lot of different activities, to let the player choose. Also, points can be donated to another player: for example, if you are satisfied with your host in a holiday stay, you can reward him with points for the avatar.

Fun: Sharing is fun, and discovering new things is fun too. if the visitor stays more time in ShareAll he will discover a lot of products to share, some of which are just impossible to buy but perfect and cheap to consume collaboratively. Also, the idea to run a minigame on the site is funny by itself, with players engaging in the simulation of their avatars and acquiring goods. This is not an original idea, but a very sucessfull one: people really love playing games like Zynga’s Farmville or EA’s The Sims.

So what about tools? Let’s define the gamification project.

It will be called “ShareTown“, available on PC’s or mobile devices. Once the user logs in, he will access to his ShareTown, where he can customize his avatar (choose gender, aspect…). In the beginning there are just a few customization options, but the player can buy more with points. Also, the player has a little virtual terrain, which grows bigger as he levels up. The bigger the terrain, the more things he can buy: an orchard, a car, a garden…When the player starts using ShareTown he will be informed of the ways to get points with funny descriptions and encouraing him to share with others. Each time the player receives badges or points he will get an encouraging message (for example: Congrats on sharing so much!), and each time someone gifts points he will know who has done it and why (i.e. “UserX has awarded you with 100 points for being such an excellent host!).

I believe this system will boost the number of visitors and the time spent on the website. There are a lot of different activities to get points, so the “free choice” is covered and the sim-like game is funny by itself, with an important cooperative target. With more time spent on the website and more pages visited, it is logical to think that more Shares will be traded, boosting the profit for ShareAll. However, the system will be reviewed periodically to learn from the players and maximize its effect.



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